Tuesday, December 21, 2010

kau makan babi.

Fuck you all for being selfish to me.
I hate you all.

*sorry being extra emotional.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Am i at the right path?
I need to do some work. 
I need to do some thinking.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I love stradi.

I've patch back with STRADIVARIUS(:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

True friend.

True friend stays, fake one go.
It's okay babe, i still got two.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Caah Lim


This girl, who i known her only for just 7 months. But as if we known each other like what years?
The first time i saw her was at Bukit Batok Blk 129 Kakak rin's engagement day.
So, i was really being friendly to all kakak rin's friend. Cos she said " layan kawan kite okay." So i saw caah standing outside the room. So i stand behind her and shout " CAAH!" she was shocked. HAHA. pada muke.
Then she said " err hi." I was like that's all? ahhh sombong ah caah. Tak nak friend. Than after everything ended. We sit outside with kakak rin and chica and radhy. Talking and planning for kakak rin birthday.
Than, from there she slowly chit chat with me at facebook. As days goes by, we gets closer just like bestfriends. But No opposite of bestfriends which is enemy. 
Everytime we go out with the bar people. End up both getting hurt. Blueblack, blood and swollen eyes. HAHA. Yes, we go violent. We hit and run. Run and Hit back.
She is someone who really take cares of you. Especially when we go club.
She also loves to treat people when she got extra cash. She also will listen to you if you got problem. Even when she got a important date with someone else. She will cancel and be with you just to see if you're okay. Told you she's a bestfriend but a enemy. At times she's cute with her reactions. 

I love to punch her in the face and run. It's so funny when everytime we fight. It is a must to bring home with a blueblack. We are close in a snap. And in a snap also, she sit in my heart like my girlfriends do. And i will treasure this friendship. Eh wait, we are friends meh? No. We are Enemy(:
 And for that I love her very much.
And, that's how i met my bar people. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

  • Location: Wild wild Wet, Pasir ris, Popeye
  • Guest of Honoured: Nurlisa Saili & Nurisa Elna
  • Activity: Play with water, spent time together, eat like a pig meet popeye.
  • Manager: Siti Rashidah:
  • Head Manager: Khatijah Abdul Rahman.
  • Production: Catty&Shidot.
  • Camera girl: Siti Rashidah.
  • Cooker of spagethi: Siti Rashidah Khatijah Abdul Rahman(mostly is Khatijah)

Misssion success. 
Next mission, stay tune for the next episode.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Nurlisa Saili dah legal.

Happy birthday Lisa Homer, i always love you bestfriend.
Meet up soon okay bby.

Eh lisa, nak club eh?
k jom.